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novem incantātus | video

[The feed is probably not intentional and it can be guessed that the sorcerer bumped into the communicator and turned it on by accident from all the motion he's making. He's walking about his apartment a bit erratically and, just before he starts talking to nothing, he waves his hand in the air as if shooing something away.]

I said leave me alone! Get out of here. You're making a mess of things...

[He pauses in his pacing and winces as if he were just slapped in the face. (Which he was.)]

Now that is just plain rude. [He swipes a hand over his face and when he opens his eyes to look at--whatever it is he's talking to--there is a brief expression of mild panic.] No, no! Don't touch that! You could ruin it! [He lunges forward, grabbing at something, his ring glowing just the barest of amounts, and lands somewhere mostly off-screen. He makes a soft noise.]

That. was not. necessary.

Now please get out of here.

[The feed ends.]

octō incantātus | video

[The sorcerer is sitting cross-legged on the floor. He almost looks like he's mediating and though there is no obvious signs of magic going on in the room his ring is glowing slightly.

When he reaches for the device after somehow noticing it is on without opening his eyes, the thing tries to shock him but Balthazar doesn't react--except to smile ever-so-slightly in amusement.]

That won't work anymore, my little friend. I'm too prepared.


septem incantātus | video

[The feed starts showing the sorcerer surrounded by a lot of cleaning supplies--brooms, mops, rags, dust pans, sweepers, feather dusters, spray bottles, you name it its there--with a determined look on his face and yet an oddly relaxed stance.]

All right. That's enough. [He raises a hand and his ring glows once more.] You've had your fun.


[The ring glows brighter for a second and then dulls out. And all of the cleaning supplies slowly begin to drop back down to the ground, lifeless. All around the city the rest of the affected items begin to do the same, one by one. Until none are left. And then the extra pieces--the duplicates--disappear entirely. The sorcerer lowers his hand and then serenely clasps his hands behind his back as his eyes flicker to the device. Without touching it, he turns it off with a press of the off button.]

[And thus ends the Animated Cleaning Supplies (aka Fantasia!) chip event! Thanks again for all the participating! The ending was great, guys! Lots of fun and silly excitement! Of course, feel free to backdate if you missed it and just have to get in on it. ^_~]

sex incantātus | video

[Balthazar turns on the communicator and then stands back from the camera so most of him is showing. He looks a little tired...]

I heard there was a downside to getting a chip removed. I hope isolation and doing nothing will...

[It's right about now that he suddenly sneezes. He covers his mouth with his hand automatically when it happens and before he even thinks about removing his hand his eyes widen as he notices the green glow to the ring on his forefinger.]

...And I was just about to take that off. [Muttered into his hand.

He lowers his hand slowly and cautiously looks around as if expecting something to creep up on him.]

That couldn't have been good. [...] I'm not sure trying to fix that is a good idea or not.

I'm sorry.

[And so begins the Fantasia Animated Cleaning Supplies Chip Event!]

quīnque incantātus | video

Ow! [The sorcerer shakes his hand briefly before reaching out toward the device and taking it up. He brings it with him across the apartment.]

I always thought Thanksgiving was an interesting holiday. Perhaps a day that shouldn't have been created so late in history by a new country not yet independent. You have to wonder what there is to be thankful for here in this city... but I'm sure if you look hard enough there is plenty. So celebrate it.

Does Latimir have a storage area, Naja?

quattuor incantātus | video

[He winces as the device zaps him, faintly says 'haha' as if it's a joke between two old friends, and then finally turns his attention to the recording.]

I hope everyone had a 'Happy Halloween' and didn't get too sick on treats.

Yuuko--may I have a word?

trēs incantātus | video

[The transmission begins with a cough. At least it isn't a worrisome one like some others of late. It's fairly docile and regular sounding. Still, the originator goes on to complain:]

I haven't gotten sick in a long time. I forgot how annoying it can be. [Odd pause not quite lengthy but a little too long for a normal pause.] At least it isn't the Black Death.

[He doesn't sound too sick though. He barely sounds like he has a fever much less a flu. But he does cough a bit more just to make it impossible not to entirely say he isn't actually sick. Maybe?

He's been out of sight for the duration of the post but now walks in sight and cocks his head at the communicator as if just now noticing it. But he talks directly to it as if nothing was amiss.]

If things are really that bad I suppose I could help. I'm not getting any worse.

duo incantātus | video

[The video cuts on while Balthazar is in the middle of mumbling something to himself, pacing in the middle of the room and shaking an object in his hands from the look of it. He grumbles some more.]

This place is worst than the dark ages. Now how come--

[He stops mid-sentence when he looks up and notices the communicator recording him. On closer in inspection the device in his hands is the old communicator, and without further hesitation the sorcerer tosses it over his shoulder quite dismissively to land wherever it lands and never be seen again once it gets kicked underneath something. Balthazar heads towards the new, shiny (green) communicator and stares directly at it for a second before frowning.]

I take it back. It's only marginally as bad as the dark ages. But it's still pretty bad.

Please don't do that again. You record when I want you to record, not when you want to.

[And he clicks the device off.]

ūnus incantātus | audio+video

"Use this."

I love waking up to ominous surroundings and being told what to do by a piece of paper when I wake up in the morning. Really.

[A small pause here while the sorcerer messes with something—and makes a discovery.]

I love it when things don’t work either.

What is blocking the magic in this area, and where is the nearest portal out of here. Where is here. Oh, and who was so kind as to give me this nice little PDA. I don’t really like computers but... I’m sure it’s here for a reason.

...This is being sent out to a network of some kind, right? [He sighs and hefts the device upwards for a closer inspection. He manages to actually figure out how to turn on the video function without too much trouble. He gives a nice glare/stare into the camera.] Now would be a good time to answer.